Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You think MY adventures are fun....check out Kara!!!

Tonight I had the pleasure of having one of my favorite Utah friends, Kara, over for dinner and some catching up. She's in town (from Utah) for Tech Summit, and made some time for lil ole AP. :)

We stuffed ourselves with spaghetti but saved some room for dessert - brownies and ice cream! Yummmm!!

The last time I'd seen Kara was when I was in Utah earlier this summer, and we hiked a few spots together. At that time, she and her hubby, Alan, had made a plan to start hiking 3 times a week to get in shape. Let me remind you that one of the hikes, up to the Y, almost killed me, so I can only imagine what shape they are in after doing that 3x a week all summer!!!

So, in asking how the hiking plan had been going, I learned of an amazing thing that they just did. She and Alan hiked Mount Timpanogos. It's the 2nd highest mountain in Utah's Wasatch Range and rises to an elevation of 11,749 feet. WHOA!! They started out at 230am (yes, in the middle of the night), complete with little headlights on their foreheads, and made it to the summit right for sunrise. The entire trip up and back down took them 10 hours. How cool is that? If I ever get around to making my 101 in 1001, this would definitely be on it!!!

Since she hadn't posted any pics yet....here is what I can imagine that they will look like. Isn't that mountain just beautiful!! I can't wait to see what the sunrise looks like from the top!!

She's also headed in about a week and a half to Zion National Park with Alan, her brother, and one of her sisters, for a camping experience!! I am so envious of her outdoors adventures. So fun! :)

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