Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Reason to go into the Office?

I had a mid morning doctor appointment, so I worked from home before I left for it today. It lasted longer than I anticipated, and so I ended up coming back home to work out the rest of the day. This got me to thinking, and I wrote a few lists.

Reasons why I love working from home:
  • It's quiet.
  • I can open up all the blinds in my place and enjoy the natural light. I don't even have to turn on a light and the whole place is lit up - it's awesome!!!
  • If I want to put on some light music in the background, I can do so and know that I'm not bothering anyone else.
  • I love to be able to walk around when I'm on conference calls. I can roam all over my 1089 square feet and am not limited by the length of a headset cord.
  • There are lots of mirrors in my house, so I can constantly check myself out while I walk around...HA! That was a little bit to see if you were paying attention....but, ok, who doesn't do that?!?!?!
  • I never have to wait in a line in the bathroom, and I have two choices.
Reasons why I like to go into the office:
  • I enjoy being around the people in my office. They are a pretty awesome group of folks, and I like them.
  • Easy access to the printer.
Reasons why it's challenging to work from home:
  • When I'm on conference calls, I fear that everyone can hear Molly meowing in the background, desperate for attention. How embarrassing!?!
  • THIS!

Besides her interjecting her two cents into every call that I have....she sometimes makes it impossible to even GET to my computer. She's either sitting on my lap, or walking around right in front of my keyboard.

Now, granted, she does deserve a little extra attention since I've been gone so long...but COME ON! Really, it's not that big of a pain, I really enjoy having her near me when I work...but I snapped a picture and thought I'd share.

Ok...back to a little bit more work before this day is over. Toodles! :)

[Edited to ADD: So, I had blood drawn at the dr this morning, and I didn't realize it was in this picture...until TWO people pointed it out!]


~Kara~ said...

You might not want to shoot up then try to cover it up...... looks kinda bad.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the #1 reason for working from home:

Ya get to do it in your PJ's! Pretty neat if you don't wear 'em!

~the Fish

Annemarie said...

LOL!! I actually DO shower and get dressed for work even when I work at home. The main reason is if I get a last minute invite to lunch, I want to be ready to walk out the door! :)

DCM Photography said...

Molly aint no dummy! She knows where to go to get pet!

You don't have to wear makeup when you work from home.

Sarah Shalley said...

Hey! Will you email me as soon as you get a chance? I have a ShowItWeb question. :)


Julie said...

Your mirror comment cracked me up! Yes, I was paying attention. ;)

Brett Bollman said...

I'm all about the PJ's all day. And if I have to go out... add some sandals and you're good to go.

Dave's right... make-up shhmake-up! Bah!