Wednesday, August 27, 2008

See you next time to DC!!!

What a glorious morning! This was the view from Virginia's window at 630am this morning. Yeah, I could get used to this....too bad it's our last day in NYC.

With one last afternoon in NY, we decided to take a trip out to the Brooklyn Bridge. I just can't get over how nice the weather is here. If we had walked half what we did here in TX, we would have certainly keeled over by now. It was a perfect day to take a stroll to the top of the bridge, and back down.

I hadn't taken any JUMP pics in NY. I was too shy to ask any of the many other people on the bridge to try to get one of both of us, so Brett got this one of me. It's a little silly to be doing the jump by yourself, but it was worth it. Add NY JUMP to my collection! :)

We finally stopped at the pizza place at the subway stop at our last exit, and quickly scarfed down some slices before getting our bags and hopping a taxi to the Amtrak station.

Special THANK YOU to Virginia for allowing us to invade her life and crowd her living room for more than a few days!! You are a gracious hostess, and hopefully you'll come visit TX or CA soon to let us repay your hospitality!!

So, I have to say that the train is definitely the way to travel. We only had to get there about 30 minutes early, which ended up being way earlier than really need be, and had so much room on the trip. We took it from Penn Plaza all the way to Union Station in DC. Each row was nice and roomy, AND had plugs. So, we finished up the movie we started on the plane to NY, and watched another one too. What a way to go - I loved it and will for sure want to do this again soon!

We made it safe and sound to DC and checked into the fabulous, 5 star, St Regis Hotel for the evening (thank goodness for Starwood points!). The place was as nice as you would expect a 5 star hotel to be. I even was compelled to call Corey to tell her about it - she LOVES fancy hotels! I didn't get any pics, but that was probably because we were both starving, and quickly after dropping off our stuff, we took the bellhop's recommendation and dined at Georgia Brown's. It was true Fine Southern Cuisine - my meal even came with collard greens - it was all delish - and we were stuffed afterwards!

Early night.....exciting last day of my trip tomorrow! :)


VA said...

You guys were the tidiest houseguests ever! And neither of you snored : ) You always have a place to stay in NYC.

Brett Bollman said...

How could you possible breeze over my "nearly toe amputating" accident on the Brooklyn Bridge?!? I thought for sure that would make this post... such a traumatic experience in my life.

The train ride was rather lov-a-lee... I would concur with your summation of the journey. :o)

Thanks VA for your hospitality! I really liked Sty Town!