Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Hart Family

Let me start off by saying that this morning was so much fun with the Hart family. When Hal called me a few weeks back to ask me if I'd take pictures of his family, I quickly found a day when I'd be in town. I was pumped....but as it got closer.....I was getting a little nervous!!!

Hal and I became quick friends when I backfilled his position at work about 2 and a half years ago. When I met Sheila and the kids, Hayden and Hudson, a few months later, I knew that they'd all be part of my life from there on out. I even was lucky enough to spend a little bit of Christmas this year hanging with the Harts and some extended family....ending the night playing Guitar Hero....does this family know how to have fun, or what? So, therein lies my nerves. Since they are friends of mine, I didn't want to disappoint!

Sheila has a connection at Kindred Oaks, a wedding venue in Cedar Park, and we all headed out there to see what fun we could have. Since I really don't know the proper way to start off these kind of photo sessions, with kiddos that is (well, any kind of session that is....I'm totally winging it and learning on the fly), I just told them to show me around. When you have two (absolutely adorable, by the way) bundle of energy little boys, that is definitely the way to go. They found a frog in the pond, another one that the whole family chased, which Dad eventually caught, and we explored the whole place together....all the while, me snapping, and occasionally saying "Hey, everyone stop here and look over at me!". At one point I said to the boys, "Act like you're models." Hudson said "What does that mean?"....well, as you can tell from a few of the photos below...he might not have known what that meant, but he definitely looked like one in front of my camera.

See what I mean....if that doesn't look like the smile of a little model!! Cutie pie, Hudson!

Big bro, Hayden, must have been paying attention.....look at those blue eyes too!!

I LOVE this series. I asked the boys if Daddy was ticklish....instead Hal turned it around on them!

We sent the boys to the swing set and I got a few of just Dad and Mom. I didn't really have to think hard to figure out where the boys got their skills from.....Sheila knew just what to it lady!!! :)

Then we all joined the kids for a little fun at the playground.

Once I got started, I knew that I was being silly for being was such a blast, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to the Hart family for bearing the heat and being my supermodels for the morning. :)

To see ALL the pics, click to view the slideshow below. :)


Brett Bollman said...

AP these are great!!! The series of the three guys all tickling each other captures such a great moment... you can feel it. Fantastic!

Time to drop the dough on some serious "glass" and a new body! You're on your way! :o)

Sean Wray said...

Awesome - These are images are great. The ones on the kids in their father's lap are great - so natural. As a parent, those are the laughs I love to hear! When I saw those it reminded me of hearing my daughter laugh!

Sarah Shalley said...

Glad that Brett could help you. These look MUCH better. I loved going BIG too. How hard was the slideshow to add? Do you just embed html code? Sooo curious...haven't decided if I'm going to purchase it or not. :)


Annemarie said...

Sarah - SO easy. Seriously, it was as simple as DJ showed it during his talk....point the program to your file with the photos, and then it's finished.

I downloaded the demo and decided to go for was definitely worth it I say! :) As far as embedding, you upload it to your server, then it gives you the code to embed it. I'd say try it first, but I am loving it. I watched it about 5 times last night myself. :)

DCM Photography said...

Bigger is better! Love it. Way to go AP! Looking forward to shooting with you in Sept.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing. You totally captured the love and laughter of the Hart Family. The slide show made me cry!

Sassani Photography said...

Awesome set. Love the borders. Too bad I can't put my initials on my borders... "BS" doesn't look all that cool on anything. lol