Sunday, August 3, 2008

Got BIG???

Ask for help, and you shall receive....well, you'll get the help, and a patient teacher, if you ask right person. I casually mentioned to my AMAZING friend, Brett, tonight, on gchat, that I wished I knew how to make the images on my blog bigger.

Now before I get a lashing from a few folks on my comments....I've mentioned this before....AND actually had two offers to help me (thank you Dave and Sarah), but I wasn't in the right frame of mind at that time, nor was I really that dedicated to doing it.....

BUT...timing is everything....and tonight was the night that I listened to what I was told to do, and Brett was willing to bear with me while I followed his steps. It DOES entail a LOT of steps....but I definitely think it's worth it! Big images are so pretty! :)

So...for those of you who already saw the post below....go back and check it out again. All the images are big now, and so is the ShowIt slideshow! Woohoo!!

They say it's the small things in life....well, for me, this time...the small thing was getting BIG!

Thanks BB! :)


Brett Bollman said...

No prob Bob! You did all the hard stuff! :o)

~Kara~ said...

Ok, see what happens when you put yourself out there? now how do I get my banner picture larger and wider?? there's like a one step process, right? ;)

I've looked for banner makers, where u can upload a pic, but - no workie for me.