Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eating my way around Austin!

Today was a fun day of dining with some great friends. I met Kara, Kellie, and new friend, Korbie, for lunch at Tomo Sushi. I'd heard it was fantastic from Lisa, so we thought to try it out. It was good, but not my favorite. For a lunch spot, I like Origami a lot better....but hey, to each her own. :) I gave the girls directions to the Round Rock outlet mall, and sent them on their way to some great afternoon shopping, while I went back to work. :)

I got my hair done in the late afternoon....finally. It'd been about 3 and half months since I'd seen Tara. Not only did I miss hair really needed some TLC. We gabbed the whole time, as usual, and I can't wait to get Tara and her fiance (yes, that's new!!! congrats Tara) in front of my camera! They are going to be so much fun to shoot!!

And then, tonight I met the girls from lunch, and Mickey for dinner at Ruth Chris....yummm, I know!!! They had a long day working the booth and show, it was time to grub, AND to celebrate Mickey's birthday!

[I left my SD card in my laptop, which I had put under my seat, in my car, in the parking garage. So, I had to grab this picture with my phone. Luckily Korbie had her camera, so I'll post the group one as soon as I get it from her!]

We had such a nice time chatting, and stuffing our faces. We had bacon wrapped shrimp and escargot for appetizers. Everyone had a big fat petite filet (mine cooked to perfection at medium rare), and we shared sweet potato casserole (my new favorite....oh my goodness, it was soooooo good), mashed potatoes, au gratin potatoes, mushrooms and asparagus. Mickey brought a bunt cake that was covered with the most delicious frosting wtih her from Utah. Garret, our server, cut that sucker into 5 pieces. Who in their right mind can eat 1/5th of a bunt cake!?!? Well, evidently I'm the only one that can't! Everyone else licked their plates.

Besides all the great food, we had amazing conversations. All of the girls are so kind, and sweet, and oh, did we laugh....a LOT. I am pretty sure that our laughs were heard throughout the entire (very quiet) restaurant, and the table of two guys sitting near us was listening to our every word.

One of my biggest fascinations from tonight is hearing more about Kellie's upcoming mission trip. She's leaving her family and friends for a year and a half on the 10th of September to go to Switzerland!!! It's all so very interesting to me what she's going to be doing on her trip. She'll first be in Provo for 2 months learning German, and then she will leave, and not know where she's going until she gets there. She won't meet her mission companion until she's there either. She has to pack for a year and a half in two suitcases (I told her about my packing tips, learned from Lora), and she'll be moving locations, and getting new companions, every two months! She's such an amazing girl, and I'm so excited for her trip.

Kellie, Korbie (back), Kara, Mickey and Me. :)

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