Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another one joins "The Club"

Today my younger sister, Erika, turned 30. I'm pretty sure that she doesn't have time to read my blog, so she won't get too mad at me for outing her on her age. :)

I think that this was harder for me than when I did the same almost 2 years ago. I had no problem joining the "club", but to know that my younger sister is now part of it.....weird. I am sure it'll be even harder when Taylor does the same in 2 more years.

When we were little, we were pretty much the same size, and so everyone always assumed we were twins. Grrrrr....oh, it would anger me off to no end, even as a child, and I'd always says "No!!! I am two years older!". I'd stomp my foot, doing my best to make my point. Not sure why I wouldn't just take it as a compliment that people thought I was younger than I this day, I still take issue with that, but I'm sure that is much more rooted, and I don't have time for that now.

In high school, when I was a junior, and she was a freshman, our lockers were right next to each other, because, of course because they were done alphabetically (yeah, don't even ask if I'm posting any pictures from that time in our lives - hahah!!!). We'd get in the worst sisterly arguments when she'd show up wearing something of mine, without asking first. She never took as gentle care of things as I did with my things, and so I just knew that it'd end up on the floor in her pig sty of a room, and ruined forever.

I went off to college....she finished out high school....and came to live with me right afterward, which turned out to be the most stressful and non-enjoyable summer of my life (which I know she would agree with me about). The first day that she was under my "watch", she ran off from where I was with some friends, and got her tattoo. !!!! Anyways, we managed to make it through that summer without killing each other.....and throughout college for both of us, had many more ups and downs. But, hey, what sisters don't, right?

Fast forward a ton of years......and now we are here. Happy Birthday to Erika. She's 30 today....and has a ton to show for it. She is running a beautiful family of 7 with Terry - Gavin, Colin, Aedin, Dylin and Olsin......oh, and 3 puppies (yeah, I don't know how she does it all either!!). She's as beautiful as ever....and I hope she had a great 30th!!!

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