Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another wonderfully non planned day in NYC!

Wow, what a lazy start to a Sunday! Well, I guess it wasn't that lazy....we spent a good part of the morning figuring out how to get me my passport from Austin so I would be able to identify myself when it'd be needed. Thank goodness for Toni - she's an absolute lifesaver!! Turns out that the FedEx that would be able to "hold for pickup" is in the same building as my NY bingo! :) Problem solved!

In sticking with our non-plan, we didn't have that much planned for the day, however, Virginia had told us about the Circle Line Tours that left from Chelsea Pier.....she even had saved us up some coupons from the local paper, so we headed towards the water to catch the tour. Well, it was our one goof on the public transport, and we ended up losing about 10 minutes when we hopped off a 15 bus to only get back on the next one, after realizing we were on the correct one from the start. Long story short...we got there too late for the tour we had originally intended, and the next one sold out two people in front of us in line while we were waiting to buy those tickets. Oh well, we went with the flow, and decided to walk back towards the city on 45th street and see what we came upon.

There were some neat walls on the walk back towards town, so we snapped a few photos. As much as I LOVE to be behind the camera....I get so awkward when I'm in FRONT of them!! Eeek!! But, I'd heard Brett mention more than a time or two how much he loves red brick walls, so I thought that it was nice of me to sit there and try not to look like a total dork for a photo opp.

We took off walking some more, and stumbled across Bryant Park. We grabbed a sandwich and a salad, and had ourselves a little picnic while watching some folks from La Boule play a few games of p├ętanque, which is a neat game with balls. It was a beautiful day, so we stayed for a while and just chilled out on the lawn.

Next stop was Top of the Rock, which is the about 70 stories up at the Rockefeller Center.....with the most breathtaking views of the entire city. We decided to head up there at night so we could watch the sunset from the top. It was beautiful. There were so many people there......all trying to get the money shot - I think we got a few good ones ourselves.

I'd be making it up if I tried to remember all of the different subway lines we took to get back to Virginia's each night.....but I'm pretty sure that the last one we take is the L. It spits us out right at 14th and 1st, and then we head up to 20th to Avenue C......but tonight, we decided to test out Brett's sense of direction, and go through Stuy Town Oval to her building. I was delighted to find that we came across a little section that had swings, and it was still open. I love to swing, and I can't remember the last time that I got I did! Wheee!!!

When we got back to her place, Virginia hadn't eaten yet either, so we took the chance to try out the place at the end of the street that we'd passed by quite a few times already - Hane Sushi. It was all super yummy, and the best way to end yet another fantastic day!!


Sassani Photography said...

the pictures are great and all, but that sushi just made me hungry! thanks!

Anne said...

OMG! daughter of mine. You parallel my earlier life soooo much. How cool!!

DCM Photography said...

I am with Ben on this one.... Dave want Sushi!!!

You two make me sick... all young and in love... Did I just say the L word??

Brett Bollman said...

It was fun to be spontaneous that day... and I actually really enjoyed how relaxed the day ended up being. Bryant Park was great... and so was the view from the Top Of The Rock.

Ahhh... good times!