Wednesday, August 13, 2008

With Cherries on Top!!!

So, last Wednesday, I went to a dr appt to check out my ankle that I busted about 5 weeks ago. It turns out that I sprained two different parts of my foot, and that just takes twice as long to heal, so there was nothing different that would make it get better any faster. Oh well, I gave myself a pat on the back for actually going to the doctor. It's not something that I do very often.

Well, while I was there......I kind of almost passed out twice. I think that it was mostly because I hadn't eaten yet, and he was pulling and poking on my joints, which made me a little dizzy and nauseous. At the point where I had to sit down because I honestly thought I was going to pass out, I told him that I just needed some sugar. So, about 4 different people in the office ran to find me something, anything, to eat that had some sugar in it. Charles returned with his bag of grapes. I ate a few, and instantly felt better. The others came back with some candy bars, that I ate too, just for good measure, and was back to normal. To say that I made an impression on the folks there is definitely an understatement.

Well, due to this little episode, the doctor wanted me to get a blood test done.....just to check it out. So, I went to have my test done, and a followup appointment was set for one week later. I wasn't really worried, but thought that I should go ahead and listen to the doctor.

When I showed up today, Charles was the one that called me back to the doctor area. I said hello, and as he was walking me to the room, he says "I have something for you....I'll be right back.". Um....ok? When he opened the door to my room again, he walked in with a big bowl of grapes, this time, with some cherries on top too!!

The PA came in to review my blood results with me, and it turns out that I'm perfectly normal - at least my blood is I mean. He wasn't sure why I was called back in to go over this, which took a whole 2 minutes, so he even waived my co-pay (!!! are you serious??? wow!!!).

Now THAT is some service. This is the kind of doctor that I want to go to...personal attention, they remember you, and fruit! :) But, with all that being said, I hope not to be back at the orthopedics office anytime soon!!

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