Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Austin has another Austin in it now!

Tonight is the first of a string of more than a few days that I'll be spending with Brett (Brett Austin, that is) - that's a LOT of quality time with AP - I hope he's up for it! :)

I'm super excited that he is back in Texas, and that we'll be going to NYC at the end of the week for some fun. After a small break from the tour, and spending some time at home in Santa Barbara, he had plans to visit NYC before meeting back up with the Freedom Tour gang in DC. His original plans included his best friend, Dave.....but since Dave is a teacher, and school was starting up soon, he wasn’t able to go. I was thrilled that Brett asked if I wanted to be his replacement travel buddy. He didn't get to spend any real time in Austin when he made a whirlwind trip through Texas at the end of last month…he made a great decision, and decided to come back and spend a few days here before we take off for NY! :)

So, I just have to mention that I am pretty sure that Brett is partly crazy, because one of the first things he commented on after walking out of the Austin airport was how nice the weather was here. Tonight it was muggy and humid. I am not sure what's wrong with him, because he just left, sunny, beautiful, perfect weather, Santa Barbara....and this weather is nothing but nice.

Since the weather wasn't that great, and the sun was already down for the night when we left, I made an executive decision, and headed back to my place, where I cooked up some blandly flavored Chicken Pesto Pasta for dinner, and afterwards we sat around and enjoyed the Olympics. Have I mentioned before how much I like to cook dinner? I don't ever do it when it's just me, so I subject my friends to my cooking when I get the chance. :) Anyways, I've caught quite a bit of the games over the last week or so, however, it's all been with just Molly. She definitely has her favorites, but I must say that it's so much more fun to watch with someone that can talk - when you can talk to someone, rather than the TV....it's really just that much more healthy. :)

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Brett Bollman said...

Maybe I am crazy... but I really did like the weather. It had just rained... which is probably one of the best things you can ask for... anywhere. I think I got the perfect mix of rain and sun while I was there. The storms made me miss the lightening and thunder storms of my childhood... we never get those out in SB.

Glad to know I'm better company than a cat! :o)