Saturday, August 2, 2008

The small joys of traveling....

So....I got to the airport extra early for my 830 flight. I wanted to be sure I didn't get lost, since I tend to do that on DC. :)

I was to the gate by 630. Had a lovely phone conversation that got me to around 745, and then walked over to my gate, expecting to see that it would be boarding soon.

Instead I saw what you dread at the airport. DELAYED. Ugh. So, I popped in my headphones, opened the laptop, and killed some time.

Earlier today when I remembered to check in for my flight on, I was shocked to get A16. I didn't check in early like I normally do, it had slipped my mind (hey! I'm not always perfect...), but still got a great number.

Well, I have no clue how it happened, but I was the first person to board. They didn't give out A 1-15. So weird, but I'll take it!

So, I'm in a great window seat in row 3. I'll land after 1am and hopefully I don't fall asleep on the drive home. ;)

The lady in line behind me looked at me funny when I snapped this pic. ;)

Gates closed. Bye.


kennykimdotcom said...

I feel your pain about the delay! Looks like you went through what I went through! I treated myself by purchasing an upgrade for waiting for so long. :)

HOpe you get in safe!

Sassani Photography said...

you're a blog FREAK!!!

Anonymous said...

The first 15 spots are reserved for SWA elite members or for people who want to pay extra to be in the first 15.

Those A-holes also changed up their frequent flyer free flight program...used to be one free tix anytime the 'normal' free flights have restrictions but if you use 2 free 'normal' flights you can fly anywhere anytime.

Everybody is feeling the pinch!

-the Fish

Annemarie said...

You know, E, that is what I thought....about the first 15 folks. Guess those "elite" flyers got the heck out and took another flights! Smart people....but still not sure how I then ended up with the first one on, especially when I didn't go online until that morning!!

Anonymous said...

That is pretty strange. I do like SWA's new boarding system, it always bugged me that people would go sit in the cattle chutes before boarding. I'd just get an A pass, sit in a seat until the A line was to the last person, then get up and walk aboard.

However, I do not like what those bastages have done with the free flight program....grrr.....

~the Fish