Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Busy, busy, Wednesday...... are a few things that I did today!

1. I interviewed someone! Don't laugh too hard! So weird, I KNOW!! Well, I guess it was kind of an interview. I think that I've made some headway at work (woohoo) on getting the higher ups to see what we need to do in order to do what they want to do (all of which really isn't that exciting)...and so I had to call someone today, and ask them a bunch of questions to see if they would be a good fit for the hole that we have in the company. Luckily, he was the perfect fit, and I really hope that it all works out. It will make my job a little bit easier, and hopefully more bearable.

2. I bought a real lens. I've had my eyes on getting something for a while.....but since it's a pretty serious investment, I was a little hesitant. But, I finally sold the laptop that I won at my work sales conference earlier this year, and so I made the decision to use that money to buy a lens. So, I'm now the proud owner of a new, shiny, Canon 70-200mm F2.8L IS. Again....I KNOW!! This is some serious glass. I'm honestly a little intimidated by it, but I'm also SOOO excited to actually use it real soon! I'm going to have to start doing some exercises too, because that little stinker is REAL heavy.....but I couldn't keep from smiling about my new toy!!!

3. I didn't order something different at South Congress Cafe. This is my favorite restaurant in Austin, and it's in my favorite part of Austin, so of course this was where I took Brett for dinner. Of course, I got the same thing that I always get....despite Brett's attempts at getting me to try something new. I just love the Angel Hair Pasta there....and I just can't try something new and risk getting something that isn't as delicious!! Brett's crab enchiladas were SO spicy.....but oh so tasty too - good stuff.

4. Walked. A LOT. After strolling a little bit around South Congress post dinner, I remembered about the neat Austin sign that was a few blocks away, and knew that Brett would get a kick out of it....since it's his middle name and all. After getting a few shots, and at least one that we were both happy with, we took back off down 1st street. I had no idea how long that street was, or where we were going to be able to take a right to get back to South Congress. Well, it ended up being quite a bit, and we made it to the South Congress Bridge around the time that the infamous bats were to make their appearance. They were a little later than expected, but was worth the wait. Brett even got a special treat from one of the bats.....good thing he had his eyes closed when the bat decided to make his drop. :) [Because I'm a big dork....I just calculated the distance that we walked on Google Maps, and it was a little over 2 miles that we trekked!]

That's all folks.....what a long, and great day! I should get to packing soon for our trip....guess that is maybe what I'll do tomorrow night. :)


Brett Bollman said...

Yeah... you might need to lift some weights to get ready for carrying that lens around all day. But I'm excited to see what kind of images you're gonna get with it! You're gonna have so much fun!

I actually think you sold us short a little bit on our walk. You cut a corner there on the NE end by the bats... when we actually walked all the way out to the water. That's at least a good 0.3 miles more. :oP

Thanks for the tour of Austin and the great dinner! Rock on Leslie... keep Austin weird!

Julie said...

So happy for you that you got that lens! I know you've been wanting one! Enjoy your new toy!