Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's go Yankees!!!

We were successful in getting my passport this morning at my company's NYC building....so I took that right up to the security counter for my entrance into the office for the day. I had decided since I was there in NY, that I'd save one day of vacation and work today. I had a few calls, did a training session, and then called it a day to meet up with Brett in the early afternoon. Knowing that he was enjoying Battery Park, and lunch with some friends that were on their honeymoon in NY didn't really keep me in the mood to be all couped up in the office for too much longer!

We walked around the city a little bit more, before heading back to Virginia's place to get ready for the fun part of our day. We had tickets to the Yankees vs Red Sox game at Yankee stadium that night. Even more fun was that we were going to be meeting up, and sitting with, Laura and Andrew, who were in NY vacationing at the same time.

We headed out there on a very crowded subway......seems that was where everyone was headed tonight - don't blame them though. There are only 15 more games in this stadium before it's being retired for the new one - and hey, it's a classic rivalry game - bound to be an interesting night!! We walked around outside the stadium for a while....and had ourselves an infamous 'dirty water dog'. I'd heard this term, but wasn't sure what it meant....so I asked the folks standing in line behind us. Turns out that it is reference to the fact that the vendors don't change out the water that they cook the hotdogs in all season......ewww....dirty, indeed!

LA and Andrew were waiting for us when we got to our seats - which turned out to be pretty great. I can't exactly tell you where we were....I guess a little off from where 1st base would be, but we could see almost the entire field.....and it was a gorgeous night.

I'm no sportscaster, so you can read the play by play on ESPN, but the Yankees ended up losing, 7 to 3. The fans were amusing to say the least.....especially this one character that sat right in front of us. At one point Laura was crying she was laughing so hard.

After the game, we waited to get onto an even more crowded subway, and went with LA and Andrew back towards Times Square to get a view of it at night, all lit up. It is definitely a big tourist spot, but the lights are pretty amazing! We had to grab a few more shots for the evening, and then said goodnight!!


Unknown said...

I have yet to meet you, but have heard a lot about you! I must say you have made quite the impression on my boy. Now that I see you in a Yankee hat, I know that you must be Awesome : )

I hope all is well and hope that our paths cross one day! Great pics.

Blessings - David

Go Yanks!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet you also. I think the only thing missing from that photo is David and I! I heard you guys had a great time.

-Dayna (David's wife :)

Annemarie said...

D&D - You guys are the best....the game WAS awesome, only wish you both could have been there to enjoy with us. Although..I'm sure that would have meant Brett and Dave intensely watching the game....me and Dayna gabbing it up about other things! :) Sounds good to me! See you both soon!


Anonymous said...

That sounds exactly right :) I can't wait to chat it up while Dave and Brett go into tech/video game/baseball world. Usually I bring a book and my running clothes to occupy myself:) Hope to see you sooner than later
D (&D in spirit)

Brett Bollman said...

Ahhhh... it pains me to see myself in a hat with NY on the front of it. I feel like such a traitor to have worn that hat... all in the name of actually surviving a trip to Yankee Stadium. At least the Sox won! Go good guys! :o)

This was such a fun night!! Glad we got the chance to visit the stadium before it gets torn down.

Unknown said...

You may be far away right now but I will hit you for these comments as soon as you return.

Brett Bollman said...

Dave... if you swing at all like your beloved Yankees... I've got nothing to worry about. Swing away at me!! Heh heh heh. :oP