Monday, August 11, 2008

Mexican Delight and a Mini Photo Shoot....typical for a Monday night, right?

Not that any of us really need a reason to enjoy some yummy Mexican food....but Jardin should always expect a visit from the girls when Melissa is in town visiting. She has a few requirements for her trips.....Taco Deli (she ate there 3 days in a row, possibly 4 depending on where she goes tomorrow for breakfast) and Jardin.

So, we met up for some delicious queso and got our grub on. Seriously, we ate a LOT and all felt like we needed to be rolled out of there when we were finished.

I had my nice camera with me, so after dinner, I made the girls pose quickly for some new facebook headshots. :) LOL! Don't they look gorgeous?!?!? I don't know if I'll ever be able to take a bad picture if I continue to take pictures of my friends! Beautiful!!

One more group shot on the way out. :)

Mel is headed back to Minni tomorrow.....hopefully she'll be back soon....and not only so we plan another dinner at Jardin.


Sassani Photography said...

Build that portfolio. Who's going to know they're your friends unless they know you, or you tell them?

Sean Wray said...

I love the Facebook portraits! Who's idea was that? You're such a photographer!