Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thunder storms, chicken fiesta and a little Scrabble!!!

Both Brett and I were doing a great job getting some work done today....well, that is, until it started to rain. Turns out that we both love a good thunderstorm, and so we ended up opening the door to my porch...and sat on the floor, to watch, listen and feel the nice breeze from the rain.

While we were sitting there, Brett thought that it'd be a good idea for us to start a Scrabble game. Most of my friends know that this is something that I love to do....but not a lot of them enjoy the game as much as I jumped on the opportunity for a little fun.

We didn't get to finish....but I think that Brett was up by 3 points when we put it aside. Can you believe that I just posted that, Mom? I am confident that if we had been able to continue the game, I would have ended up totally spanking him.....but my competitive side was put to rest since I had to get to packing! :) Next time.

I made my infamous Chicken Fiesta for dinner. It's so easy to make....set it, and forget it.....once again, it did not disappoint. :)

I am all packed for my trip to NY tomorrow.....I think that's the most prepared I've been in a long time for a trip - woohoo!


kennykimdotcom said...

IF I wasn't a photographer, I would've been a professional scrabble player! :) My favorite game!!!

Anne said...

Nope, can't believe you weren't waaaay ahead, but on your next play, you could be quite COY if the spot were right.

Annemarie said...

Haha....I just went back and checked.....yup, COY, was the first word I played with those letters.

Brett's first play was FORD, and I put COY, making 3 words. :)


Brett Bollman said...

I actually think the ant hunt saved you from extreme disappointment... as I was set to charge into a commanding lead with the Z, Q, and X all in my hands. I had everything under perfect control!

It is interesting to know how much of a pro you are at this though... if you've got a bag full of these coy tricks there must be more slick little moves that I don't know about as well. I have no fear... with my vast vocabulary I can handle it. :o)

And yes... I loved the thunderstorms!!!

Annemarie said...

DOH!!! You totally outed me on the ants!!! How embarrassing! :)

Thanks for finding where the little critters were coming from though....I think they are gone now!!

VA said...

You obviously missed the New York word: "YOUSE" (rhymes with "news" not "house.")