Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dancing like you're 21 and in Mazatlan anyone??

So, today was pretty awesome. After a week of pretty much doing nothing (which I kind of needed after the last few weeks), it was nice to have some fun plans. Mel came in town for work, but she came in for the weekend before, and so we got to hang out! She came over in the afternoon, and of course we hit the pool. That is Melissa's favorite thing to do in the summer, and, oh, poor poor girl, there isn't enough sun in MN (yeah, feel REAL sorry for was 80 when she left home) to get a tan.

Kara came and joined us, and we are ones that are always up for a new place to dine, so we found Sagra....and oh, what a find. It was delish!!! A little Italian bistro off San Antonio and 17th street. We had a yummy pizza, veggie lasagna, and shrimp fettuccine.

When Kara and I are around....there is always a camera going. These pics made me laugh. Kara snapped this first one, and I got lost in the mass of curly hair!! It cracked me up. The retake is adorable. Yes, we are totally cute. :)

Next, we headed over towards downtown....managed to get ROCKSTAR parking, and went into Cubra Libre. While it was just the 3 of us, we had a hysterical time playing a little game of "I Never". Seriously, what is better than good ole fashioned girl time? Dana and some of her friends showed up a bit later....and shortly afterwards, the manager of the bar came up to us and said that we were the best looking table at the bar for the night (um, yeah, we were....not gonna lie!), and gifted us with a bottle of champagne. This was a bonus for Mel and Kara....they love the bubbly!

Then, it was time for some dancing. We hadn't been to Pangea we ventured to the upstairs, and had a fantastic time. I can't think of anything better than just letting go and dancing all night long. My knees, legs, ankles, feet, etc, all wish I wouldn't.....but I love it.

What a great night with great girls. :)

[It was TOTALLY like we were in Mexico.....Hi Toph!! :) We took great care of your lady tonight. Missed you on the dance floor!!]

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~Kara~ said...

Oh My... what IS that on my thumb in that picture??? (Hilarious)