Friday, April 11, 2008

Vegas Baby!!!

Wow. What a week. I'm back from Vegas, and it was a long and tiring trip.

I went in on Sunday morning, a day before work started, with Laura and Melissa. We got checked into The Mirage, tooled around the casinos, won and lost a little on the slots at Treasure Island, enjoyed some refreshing "free" vodka and pineapple drinks, ate some damn good guacamole at Isla, and then got ready for the night out.

We had a fantastic dinner at Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris hotel and casino, and afterwards, still had some energy to want to go out and do some dancing. We heard that PURE in Caesar's was open, so we decided to try it out. It was pretty happening for a Sunday night, which we were thankful for. Well, at least until it started to get a little crowded on the dance floor. Luckily Melissa made some friends and not too long after, we were invited to the VIP section, which was complete with bottle service. So, we hung out with our new friends, Drew, Darrell and Chris, chatted it up a bit, danced a lot, and had a great ole time.

We danced until we couldn't dance any more. It was about 230am and we decided to call it quits for the evening - we still had a few nights left to have fun.

On Monday, we spent a little bit of time at the pool - it was the most perfect day - not a cloud in the sky, and it was actually warm enough to get IN the water! We even got invited to "Bare", the private pool area....where ladies have the option to sunbathe in less than your full suit. We opted not to take the invitation, but were flattered nonetheless. HA! The sun that we got later gave us a little it of a burn, but it was definitely worth it I'd say.

I had to head to work in the afternoon on Monday to get the booth and such setup for the conference, and took off to the 40/40 Club for the customer appreciation event that night. The girls came and met me a little later in the night, and once they showed up, there were about a total of 7 women at the event. Needless to say, I was more of a favorite than usual by bringing along two beautiful women with me to the conference. Everyone loved Mel and Laura!! After the event wrapped up, we took back to The Mirage for a little action on the Craps table, and then, once again, took our turn at dancing. On our way in however, not really sure what it is about dolphins.....but we had to stop and take a picture kissing them. Aren't we cute?

This is the last "good" picture that my Canon 800IS took. Shortly after this, it died. I took a moment of silence, but then a few of us took a cab over to Prive in the Planet Hollywood hotel, and it was interesting.....that's all I'll say about that. Too bad I didn't have a working camera!!! After an hour or so there, we came back home, and checked out the club in our hotel, Jet, for a bit. Another fun night in heels that I knew I'd be paying for later.

I had to be up REAL early for the conference on Tuesday morning, and amazingly enough, after only about 4 hours of sleep, I wasn't THAT tired. The day was a long one, but good nonetheless, great work stuff accomplished that day, and that always makes me happy.

Mel was supposed to leave that afternoon, however, American ended up canceling a ton of flights due to FAA mandates, so she was back at the hotel 2 hours after leaving for the airport, and ready for one last night of fun. I sent the girls to Nove that night with the central sales teams, while I attended my alliance dinner. Both dinners were great, and we ended up, once AGAIN, dancing the entire night away - this time at Moon at the Playboy Club at The Palms. That was amazing and had the most beautiful view of the strip. We were taken care of the whole time and had so much fun.

It was entirely too late when I called it quits on Tuesday night...but, while the girls had to take off on Wednesday, it was an easier day for me, so I got in some rest in between the work parts, and ended the conference with a fantastic dinner with great friends.

I headed home on Thursday and was ready to get back. It was the best conference yet. Great memories with the most amazing people. It was definitely very sad to know that it was my last one ever.

Click here if you want to see all the pics from the trip.

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