Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Orlando....here we come!!

Yesterday was my first day at the new job. Today I was picked up at noon by KB, JD and JMart and we headed to the airport....our final destination: Orlando for our National Sales Meeting. There are 14 of us from the Austin office....10 sales, 2 pre-sales engineers, the sales manager....and ME. It's all of our first time ever to be part of something like this, and we are all excited!

The trip was pretty uneventful, however I got a good laugh when the boys showed up to get me. I used my big suitcase because A. I knew I'd be bringing more back with me than I went there with, and B. I knew that everyone else was checking their bags, so I figured I would too. After I was finished packing, I had SO much room left, so I threw in a few extra tees just in case of emergency, but the bag was still half empty. When I got to the truck, I had my one suitcase, and my purse. Much to my surprise, I had the least amount of luggage out of the 4 of us! When I got to the airport, my bag weighed in at 35 pounds - I think that is a record for me!!

We arrived at MCO, got our bags, found the driver for our shuttle, and made our way out to the "middle of no where" Orlando to the Omni Resort. I think they put us out there so even if we thought about leaving the grounds, there would be nowhere for us to go - good thinking! :)

Dinner was yummy at David's Club, and we got to meet a few of the folks that got into town early for the conference. We were all happy to get to meet Phil, the CEO, too. He, along with everyone else, was awesome and is so excited that all of us are on board. It's kind of strange to go from such a large company, to where you don't even get to meet the Directors in your own division, to where you get to chat it up with the founder and CEO on day 1, AND he cares that you're there. Very cool.

Here's to a great start at the new company and hopes that it all goes well this week! :)

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