Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kara & Terry - Celebrating 5 Years!!!

What a FUN morning I had today!! Kara and Terry are a great couple, awesome parents to two of my favorite little girls, and always up for a laugh, which makes them hysterical friends. They are about to come upon their 5 year anniversary and were up for a fun photo shoot to celebrate! We'd scoped out and had a few locations around downtown Austin in mind, but also stumbled across some other gems while we were out and about.

Kara is a natural in front of the camera....her eyes POP, they are so beautiful. She's also got that sexy pout mastered! She did a great job getting Terry to relax and have a good time with it too. It was hard to pick my favs because there were so many, but here are my top 20.

Thanks for being such great friends, and for such a fun time today!! Hope you like the pics! :)


~Kara~ said...

AP: I don't even know what to say! I am in love with the pictures. We had SO MUCH fun today. What a way to celebrate! You're talent is just spectacular. Yes! You are spectacular! Thank you again, each picture we look at reminds of us of how much fun we had taking it! Thanks again. xoxo.

Beankountess said...

These pictures are so amazing! I can't pick a favorite! And I can't wait for my turn!!