Thursday, April 17, 2008

I think Molly is ready for the BIG MOVE!

I haven't really announced it yet to my (small, yet existent nonetheless) blog world....BUT, I bought a condo. So, for the 2nd time in less than 6 months, I'm packing up all my stuff and moving again.

I am SO excited about my new place. I kind of move fast on certain things in my life once I know what I want. I decided on a Thursday that I was ready to buy. I called a friend who is an agent, found some places online that I wanted to see, and went to see them with her the following Thursday. I liked the one that I found online, and put an offer in the very next day. It's been a whirlwind to get all of this complete in 3 weeks, but I close on Monday at noon. Woohoo!!

So, I've started to put things in boxes, and it's slowly turning into a wreck around here, but it will only be until the movers come on Thursday next week. I can live in CHAOS for one week.....I'll keep telling myself that anyways. :)

I was walking through the apartment today, and laughed out loud when I saw Molly. She had packed herself into an empty box. I would say that she's ready.


N_Moore said...

Wow, your making my head spin!! Congrats on ALL the new changes. Looks like us H-town girls will need to make a trip up to visit and help you celebrate! Miss ya!!

Annemarie said...

I know, I don't sit still much....or keep my life very much the same for long! And YES, you girls DO need to make a trip here....and soon! I miss you all too!!