Friday, October 24, 2008

Progressive Eating around Santa Barbara in honor of Kyle's Day of Birth

For Kyle's birthday, we had a progressive dinner around Santa Barbara. First course was Chips, Salsa, Guacamole and Nachos at Palapa.

A group shot.....all 10 of us. :) David, Ashlee, Scott, Nate, Kyle, Bethany, Garth, Brett, Jen and yours truly.

Second course, our main dinner was at Natural Cafe.

Last stop was for dessert at McConnell's, and I think that this course might have been my favorite. It took me a while to decide, however, once I saw that they had Cappuccino Chocolate Chip, the decision was super easy!!

Brett is going to hate that I posted this picture....but look at how good my ice cream cone looks.....I kind of want another one right now. Is that bad???

We headed back to Jen and Garth's and there were 6 of us brave enough to play a round of Battle of the Sexes. It was me, Ashlee and Bethany versus Brett, Scott, and Kyle. If you haven't played this game before, it's one where the boys get girl centered questions to answer ("What is a spring form pan used for?") and the girls get the boy questions ("How many players are on an active NBA roster?").

Both teams did rather well, however, the boys A. took a lot longer to come to the conclusion that they didn't know the answers, B. were pissy when the girls got questions that they thought were "easy", and C. are a bunch of cheaters. At the point in the game where it looked like the girls were going to take the win, Kyle had a little trick up his sleeve.

We were up for a question that a girl was supposed to know (since we were on the other side of the board now to where the girls actually get to guess girl questions), and it was "What is the exact diameter measurement of a quark?".


Not only was this a hard question, but how in the world was this to be categorized as a question that was girl biased. Especially when the other ones had been centered around very sexist women things, like cooking, sewing, cleaning, baking, etc.

Well, at this point, Kirsten had stopped by, and she at least knew what a 'quark' was, but we didn't get it right - obviously. :)

The game went to sudden death, and after 2 rounds of tie breakers, the girls took the winning spot. It was only then that Kyle fessed up to the bogus question. He'd totally made it up! Way to go for being creative, at least.

I think that Kyle thoroughly enjoyed his day! Good times!!!

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