Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Wildenhaus [Mini] Family Story

For anyone that reads this blog, you recognize my hysterical, thoughtful, funny, sweet, beautiful, friend, Kara. She, Terry and the girls, Ava and Gracie, stopped by for a super quick family story session on Sunday afternoon. One mission - get something that could be used for their Christmas card.

Well....I accepted the mission, and we completed it! Kara did something so cute and creative for their card.....BUT.....I won't post now, as she already put them in the mail, and anyone lucky enough to be her friend, will be getting it I won't spoil the awesomeness of the JOY-filled surprise. Hee hee! :)

I did get a few other snapshots that I loved, and so I had to share. I love all of you crazy Wildenhaus gang!!


Elisabeth said...

Those are great!

Beankountess said...

How much fun! I hope Kara has my address correct. ;-)

~Kara~ said...

Those turned out great! Love 'em! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

JakesMom31 said...

Adorable! I like what you did with the colors on the 4th one. The one of both girls? Super cute!!