Friday, December 12, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT :: All Things Annemarie ::

Some of you might have noticed a little something new on the recent slideshows...I just couldn't help getting started with my new designs before they were complete. A few of you might have already taken a sneak peek...

.....BUT......'s HERE!!

My NEW site, designed completely with ShowIt Sites, and my NEW blog!!!

I've been trying to figure out something new, different, fun...something that would be "me", and that I would love, to redo my site and blog with for a while now. I decided on the yellow with the white polka dots quite a bit ago, but it took me some time to get it to where it is now. It's nothing too fancy, but I like it. It makes me happy, and I hope you like it too.

So....without further ado....

I formally invite ALL of you, to head on over to my new site and blog!!! Let me know what you think!!!

All Things Annemarie WEBSITE
All Things Annemarie BLOG

I'll be in the process of updating links and such so that everything still works with my old blog going forward, so if something isn't working, bear with me for a'll work eventually!

Also, don't forget to update your Google Readers, and RSS feeds with the new links!! I love all my blog readers, and want to be sure you know where to find me from now on!!!

I also have to post a super huge special THANK YOU to my wonderful, fantastic, ridiculously good looking (hee hee), boyfriend, Brett. Without his help, this probably would have still been a dream, and never have made it to fruition!


DCM Photography said...

Dig it!

|| davidjay || said...

I love this!!! Great job!!! Can't wait to see you in SB!

Shyla said...

I adore everything about you.

yay for new adventures in photography.... Im so proud of you!


Shyla said...
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Marisa said...

ridiculously good looking - HAHAHAHAHA! i love that movie :)

and yes, i did pick up on the polka dot hint ;)! yay for you!!!